Welcome to Christian Money Sense

With money being so tight these days and with so many bad things like house repossession going on we thought that we’d like to offer some sound advice to those of us who are struggling to make ends meet.

Our site has a series of articles that are intended to help those looking for advice regarding ethical saving and borrowing. We will try and offer advice that stops you getting caught up in loans that have extortionate interest rates. We’ll tell you how to tackle a mountain of debt. We have advice on dealing with the threat of foreclosure on your home.

We have advice for people such as G.B. who wrote to us saying

Fear has set in as I can not pay all my bills for the first time in my life

You can read his letter and our reply here.

Another cry for help came from D.M. in Illinois with a note headed

Hi, I’m in debt up to my ears! Please help!

“My husband and I are way in debt, barely able to manage our bills and have no
idea what to do! Please help? Debt is approx. 9730!

You can read this story here

And then one from G.G. who had got herself in a pickle by buying a mobile home with a partner who then moved on to pastures new, leaving G.G. to try and sort out the mess. Read the full story here


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