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Up To Bgn 20,000 Fine For Submitting Personal Data To Debt Collectors – – Sofia News Agency

Recently, the number of citizens’ complaints about creditors submitting their personal data to debt collectors has increased. According to the chairman of Bulgaria’s Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC), Ventsislav Karadzhov, creditors do not have the right to share their customers’ personal data with debt collection companies without their knowledge and consent. “In practice, however, creditors comply with this statutory requirement by including texts in the contracts general terms and conditions, according to which customer’s data may be shared with third parties. When considering complaints against creditors and debt collectors, the Commission monitors whether people have actually been informed in advance and have given their consent,” Karadzhov told Bulgarian 24 Chasa Daily. “Therefore, people need to know that prior to signing the contract, they must get thoroughly acquainted with all the terms and conditions in order to make sure they know of all the persons who have the right to use their personal data. Also, these texts should not be written in small and unreadable font,” Karadzhov added. He added that in case of a violation of these statutory requirements, the Commission is authorized to impose administrative penalties of up to BGN 20,000. Karadjov said that PDPC will inspect the political parties which have been accused of citizens’ personal data misuse, too.
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Mortgage Rates Hit A 2014 Low – May. 8, 2014

Rates have not been this low since the week of November 7, when they were at 4.16%. The 15-year, fixed rate mortgage, a popular loan for homeowners refinancing existing mortgages, hit 3.32%, down from 3.38% last week. Related: Buy vs. rent: What you’ll pay in the 10 biggest cities Global unrest and a weak U.S. economic recovery have kept rates low on U.S. Treasury bonds, which is used as the benchmark to set most consumer interest rates.
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Judge Lets Christie Cut Pension Payment This Year

His revised payment covers pension costs accrued during the current fiscal year, but not the unfunded liability that has accumulated over time, which the governor has referred to as the “sins of the past.” The fiscal crisis emerged after tax revenue in April fell short of the Treasury Department’s projections. Unions said Christie could not dip into the funds budgeted for the pension. They pointed to a provision in a 2011 law that gave union members a contractual right to statutorily mandated payments by the state. The law was part of a broader change of the pension system, beginning in 2010, that required the state to phase in larger payments over seven years in exchange for increased employee contributions. There are about 800,000 active and retired employees in the pension system. The unions filed suit this month seeking a preliminary injunction either to compel the Christie administration to make the full payment or to allocate $300 million in surplus for the next fiscal year to the pension fund. They also asked Jacobson to freeze the state’s remaining nonessential appropriations.
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Best Car Insurance Prices For Liability Coverage Added To National Insurer Website Online

The liability plans that are available can help a driver to compare and to review the prices that are offered in any location within the United States. The minimum protection insurer plans that are now priced individually are supplied by known agencies. “The auto insurance rates data that our system is able to provide to consumers can help any person to compare the costs of a base policy in real time,” said an Auto Pros company source. The best discounted rates information that is being supplied this year will not be limited to state minimum insurer plans. Because the system now links national companies with motorists, it is now possible to find price details for full coverage, SR22 and similar plans for motorists in the U.S. “The price information that we’re allowing consumers to review comes direct from each agency that is linked inside of our platform,” said the source. The Auto Pros company is continuing to produce ways to find price information using its automotive database this year. The price details for auto insurer policies is now combined with the reviews available for automotive warranty price data that is now located at .
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The 10 Best Money Tips For College Freshmen – Forbes

I also help parents make smart choices about college financing options and navigating the complex world of paying for school. I started The College Investor in 2009 as a forum to discuss the myriad of financial issues facing young adults. I majored in Political Science at UC San Diego, and received my MBA from the Rady School of Management at UC San Diego. To learn more about me, go to, or follow me on Twitter @collegeinvestin.
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Why Mortgage Rates Stayed Unchanged As Bonds Went Nowhere – Yahoo Finance

The issue may be that originators are beginning to extend credit to borrowers thatthey would have turned down last year. Over the past year, the only loans that were getting done were conforming loans and high-quality jumbos. Many originators are now beginning to originate stated income loansnot to be confused with liar loans of the subprime days. These loans will have a higher interest rate than a generic Fannie Mae 30-year loan. That could explain why mortgage rates increased. If this is the case, this could be the impact builders were waiting for. Tight credit has been a problem for builders for a long time. Effect on homebuilders Homebuilderslike Lennar (LEN), Toll Brothers (TOL), PulteGroup (PHM), and D.R.
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“my Pension Won’t Cover The Bills,” Say Asia Investors — Manulife Survey – Yahoo Finance

The top reason for their lack of confidence was concern the savings from the plan would not be enough to cover their retirement expenses (43 percent). Investors are also worried that investment returns will be too low and that they are unable to predict what they will get from their plans on retirement. Notable is the fact that where reliance on a mandatory retirement scheme is highest, confidence is lowest. In Hong Kong and Taiwan, investors expect state or employer pensions to account for 18 percent of retirement income, while in mainland China and Japan it’s even higher at 30 percent and 31 percent respectively. But with dependence comes insecurity. Almost nine-in-ten investors in Hong Kong and Japan say they lack confidence in their mandatory pensions. In Taiwan the figure is 7-in-10, and even in mainland China, where there’s a strong heritage of state support for those in retirement, almost three-in-five lack confidence.
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Burton, Shannon Face Off In Gop Primary Tuesday |

Sometimes having a gun “can escalate the problem” and result in more harm than good, he said.

The pair also disagreed on the hot-button issue of tort reform, which restricts the filing of some lawsuits and limits the damages that can be paid to a plaintiff.

Burton said Florida businesses, more than those in other states, are struggling to pay large liability insurance premiums. She said tort reform is necessary.

Shannon, a lawyer, said people agree on more tort reform until someone they love is killed or maimed because of negligence. “What price” would you put on that? he asked.

They agreed care for the mentally ill is a priority that has to take precedence over many of Florida’s problems.

Burton said it was a shame that it takes a national event to spur lots of public dialogue, in this case the suicide of actor Robin Williams.

Burton has raised more campaign money than Shannon. Her cash contributions total $204,000 compared to $147,000 for Shannon.

The winner of the District 40 primary will face Democrat Ricky Shirah and Franklin “Ed” Shoemaker of America’s Party of Florida in the Nov. 4 general election.

House members serve two-year terms.
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What To Do If Your Social Security Number Was Stolen – Yahoo Finance

This locks your information and forbids the credit bureaus from giving out your information without permission. Yes, this could get annoying, but I would rather face cumbersome than a disaster, Levin says. Contact the Social Security Administration. The agency should know of the theft regardless of whether you are collecting benefits right now. In cases of synthetic identity theft, criminals associate a victims Social Security number with a new name to create a fake persona. Also be sure to check whether your Social Security benefits line up with the dollar amount you expect. A fraudster who cannot be legally employed could be using your identification number to find a job. If you start getting strange calls from debt collectors, dont dismiss them. A crook could be responsible for the debts incurred using your Social Security number especially medical debts.
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Sen. Kathleen Vinehout: Medicaid Money Would Help Balance State’s Budget : Ct

I tried to get more hours but they wont let me. Her husband, Tom, lost his maintenance job at the university. Hes a 23-year Army Reserve veteran but theres no pension and no new job in sight. My twin sister lives in La Crosse. I love her dearly. I havent seen her since Christmas.
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